Since 1977

SAF continues to support our young people in every way we can


At Stretch-A-Family we believe that relationships are one of the most important things in the life of children and young people. Children and young people in Out-of-Home-Care leave care at 18 years of age and that is where the funding, relationships and support generally stops. Research has shown that Australian children on average don’t move out the family home until they are at least 25 years old, so why should this be any different for our children and young people?

As a result, SAF have self-funded an aftercare program for over 20 years so that we can continue to provide support to children and young people up until 25 years of age. This enables us to continue our already established relationships and provide a continuum of care that is not otherwise available.

Our Aftercare Practitioner liaises with new adult services with the young person. The young adult is supported, guided and advocated for by our staff member, leaving the young person safe in the knowledge that the worker already knows their care history and what they need support with. This also means these young adults do not need to tell their stories over and over again.

Any young person that has ever been under the care of SAF can access this service and will be able to access advice and advocacy across a large range of topics. This includes housing, budgeting, general living skills, referrals to counselling or drug and alcohol support services, accessing their leaving care plan, financials and everything in between. We provide a nurturing safety net and engage young adults in their community with a focus on improving their resilience and independence towards skill development, education and employment. 

Contact our head office on 02 9569 6933 if you would like to get involved with SAF’s Aftercare program, or donate today to support this invaluable program.