April & Anthony's Story
making a difference can be its own reward

It is just the

most rewarding thing

you can do

April & Anthony

Age of children: 8 years old, 15 years old

Duration of foster care: 2014 to present

April and Anthony* have been foster carers for 5 years, offering short-term, emergency, respite and long-term care at difffernt times. The couple have been caring for two sisters for four years. They are now in the process of applying for Guardianship of these girls. We had a chat to April to learn more about their fostering journey.

Why did you decide to become a foster carer?

April said she was always passionate about becoming a foster carer, having experienced family trauma herself growing up.

“I just wanted to make sure that some children who otherwise might not have had that sense of belonging could have that,” she said.

“Every child deserves that. It’s just so important that they have someone to help and guide them, to protect them.

“These young people can get so lost if they don’t have that place, that stable home that they can come back to, an anchor.”

Are you happy with the support you have received from SAF?

“The support and training Anthony and I  have received from Stretch-A-Family has been incredible” April said.

“You feel very supported. There’s so much training available and resources and professionals you can tap into, and there is always someone there if you need them.”

What do you love about being a foster carer?

“There are so many tiny unimaginable joys – the rewards are huge,” April said. 

“Being a parent is gorgeous anyway but being able to help a child take the suspicion out of their life that people are always going to let them down, and give them the skills they need in life, is so rewarding,” she said.

“Seeing the look on my girls’ faces when they achieve something, and seeing how far they’ve come is just glorious. It is a privilege to be able to see a child work towards who they can be.”

“Whatever you put in to these children comes back to you 5000 fold. It is just the most rewarding thing you can do,” she said. 

“The love and absolute pride you feel when you see the difference you’ve been able to make in these kids’ lives is huge.”

What would you say to anyone considering becoming a foster carer?

“Do it!”

*Names & picture have been changed to protect privacy

This story originally appeared in the St George Leader