Parent Line is a free 24 hour telephone counselling, information and referral service for parents and carers of children aged 0 to 18 in New South Wales.
The NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) promotes the safety and wellbeing of children and young people and works to build stronger families and communities
Fostering NSW, your one-stop site to learn, think and connect to fostering and adoption today! Please take a look around to find comprehensive information on a range of care options in New South Wales, Australia, including foster care, open adoption and guardianship.
National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) seeks to resource and network child welfare professionals and practitioners working to prevent child abuse and neglect from happening before it starts, through the provision of tools, resources, support networks and information.
Yfoundations is the peak body organisation representing youth homelessness in Australia
The Association of Childrens Welfare Agencies (ACWA) is the peak child welfare organisation in NSW and, with its membership, works to promote quality care, protection and support for vulnerable children and young people. Through its training arm, the Centre for Community Welfare Training (CCWT), ACWA provides a comprehensive range of learning and development opportunities for people working across the community services sector.
The Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) is a government department set up to promote the best interests and rights of children and young people in out-of-home care in NSW.
The NSW Commission for Children & Young People is an independent organisation that works with others to make NSW a better place for children and young people.
The following principles guide everything the Commission does:

    • The safety, welfare and wellbeing of children is paramount.
    • The views of children and young people are taken seriously.
    • The relationships between children, their families and their communities are important for their safety, welfare and wellbeing.
    • Vulnerable children and young people will be given priority.
Druginfo is the official NSW Government website on drug issues. It outlines Government policies on drugs including factsheets on illicit drugs, information on legal issues, plus information on the role of parents, families, and the broader community in reducing drug abuse.
For those who work with young people, the Youth NSW site offers links to research in the youth field, funding opportunities and organisations, and information on events and training that may be of interest.