There are many children and young people all over Australia who are unable to live with their own families – more than 18,000 in NSW alone. There are also many reasons why young people are not able to live with their own parents. This may include family breakdown, parent’s drug and alcohol problems, abuse and neglect, physical and mental illness.

Because of this, there are many children & young people in need of foster care who have often experienced a lot of emotional upheaval, loss and rejection. The move from a familiar environment into an unknown one therefore may not always be easy. The young person may have lost trust in adults or family life generally, have low self esteem and display behaviours which are a result of coming to terms with previous abuse and difficult experiences.

Our main aim is to find foster families to care for children and young people on a long term basis. These young people can be aged from under 12 months – 17 years when first placed in foster care with Stretch-A-Family, and our long term goal is for a child to remain living with their foster family until they are 18 years old or old enough to move out and live independently.

However not all children need a long term placement, and we are looking to recruit carers to also provide emergency, short term and medium term placements as well as weekend and holiday respite care.

Stretch-A-Family places a lot of emphasis on ensuring the foster family are a’ good match’ for the young person to ensure the placement will be successful, and provide 24 hour support for carers as well as providing training and a commitment to developing our carers and carer practices.

Stretch-A-Family also provide access to a range of services designed to support the placement, based upon the needs of the child or young person. Services include respite care, counselling, health care, clinical support and educational support – a caseworker will also provide individual support to the child and carer alike.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our Foster Care FAQ. For more details, read our Foster Care info booklet. Finally, we can contact you to discuss your interest about foster care.

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