Let’s unpick therapeutic residential care


SAF support and raise young people who, for a variety of reasons, cannot live with their birth parents nor extended family. Our young people have been removed from their birth families and placed in statutory care, often in difficult circumstances and having experienced complex developmental trauma. At SAF residential care we aim to understand the experiences of the young person and provide a safe and predictable environment for them to feel safe, understand their life story and develop into young adults.

Understanding the significant impact of trauma on the child or young person and how they feel about their placement and function is vital to supporting them to feel safe and help them achieve important milestones. We also want to understand how they feel safe and comfortable in the world and how we can support in their new environment around those coping mechanisms. Sometimes these methods of feeling safe are not the healthiest or safest options, we work had to understand the young person and help them develop new ways of coping.

Often young people removed come from their parents have experienced very unsafe, unpredictable environments with limited and unhealthy attachments with key parental figures. What we aim to do is provide a really predictable environment to help the young person to trust the environment and feel safe. We work with the young person around their unhealthy coping mechanisms and without pushing them beyond their capacity challenge them to learn new coping strategies.

Critical in creating safety and change with young people is relationships and ensuring in that predictable environment, young people begin to develop meaningful relationships where they can trust and allow themselves to talk about the things that really trouble them and feel validated and supported in what is an extraordinarily challenging time for them.

We also value the less complex and intense though crucial stuff like what they love to eat, what they are really good at, their likes and dislikes and to have fun!

In summary we work with young people who have had a phenomenally difficult start to life. We seek to understand their experiences and provide a safe and supportive environment to grow into resilient young adults.

We have an amazingly talented and committed group of individuals in the residential care staff team that carry out this challenging and rewarding work.

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