Residential Care
Since 1977

SAF’s roots lie in the philosophy of offering homeless young people an alternative to institutional care

Residential Care

In addition to an extensive Foster Care program, we offer residential care for at-risk and in-need young people. We currently have four residential care programs: the On Track Program, Newington House, Stanmore House and the newly-opened Campsie House. These programs offer residential care and support for young people aged 12- 18 years of age. Staff work with the young person and community services to assess if they can return to live with their family, live in foster care or continue to reside in residential care, and also to assess their living skills and support them to continue with school or employment. There is always a member of staff available and staff sleep over to support the young people during the night. All young people have their own bedroom and share common spaces such as the kitchen and lounge area.

Whilst in our residential programs, young people are helped to develop themselves for the goal of living independently when they leave care. We help bridge any gaps to engage them in their community with a focus on improving their resilience and independence towards skill development, education and employment.