Stanmore House is a home for up to four young people aged between 12 – 16 years of age. Young people come to Stanmore House so that they can be helped to find a permanent place to live. Whilst at Stanmore House, staff will work with the young person and community services to assess if they can return to live with their family, live in foster care or continue to reside in residential care.

At Stanmore House there is always a member of staff available and staff sleep over to support the young people during the night.

All young people have their own bedroom and share common spaces such as the kitchen and lounge area.

An information booklet about Stanmore House for all young people living at or considering living at Stanmore House can be downloaded here.

For referral information please contact Stanmore House Case Managers on (02) 9550 9227 during business hours. Please note that we can only accept referrals from Community Services.