Practical Workshops

‘Caring for pre-pubescent children with sexual behaviour problems/harmful sexual behaviours’ – Robert G Tucker (UK)
And written from Robert G Tucker:

Stretch a Family invited me to deliver a series of training events to a wide selection of agencies and professionals and to provide case consultancy to members of their team. This proved to be an enjoyable and professionally satisfying experience. I was impressed by the level of expertise at the agency and their commitment to offering a sensitive trauma-informed therapeutic service to the children and young people in their care. In addition I note their skills in facilitating and managing training events and conferences for large numbers of people. As a visiting practitioner I was made to feel very welcome and the level of practical support prior to and during my trip was appreciated. I look forward to maintaining links with SAF and would not hesitate to recommend them to other practitioners and agencies seeking to work in partnership with them.

Therapeutic Life Story Work – One day practical workshop

Richard will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the Life Story process and how this work helps children make sense of the past, so that what has happened to them does not dominate, control or inhibit the present. Richard will show you techniques that have been successfully utilised to assist children to communicate their trauma. This training will also provide opportunities to work through the practical application of Life Story Therapy.

Life Story Therapy will greatly benefit all those working with children affected by early life trauma including: those working with children in care; teachers; youth workers; therapists; and those who are involved in recovery work with children and families in need.

Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW)

Inaugural Australian Therapeutic Life Story Work Professional Diploma, with Richard Rose (UK)

Stretch-A-Family have partnered with Berry Street Childhood Institute, Child Trauma Intervention Services, and The Institute for Arts Therapy and Education to offer a 12 day Therapeutic Life Story Work course, developed and delivered by Mr Richard Rose.

This course will be run in both Melbourne and Sydney and the first year commenced in May 2016.

What is Therapeutic Life Story Work?
Therapeutic Life Story Work enables children and young people who have experienced the trauma of child abuse and neglect and who are struggling with the pain of their past to reflect, develop compassion for themselves and move on. It is a defined approach, designed to introduce the past as markers for the present. Once these are understood, the child is supported in considering how to move on to make significant changes, as a result of a far deeper understanding and awareness of how their history has been negatively impacting on their present. In essence, Therapeutic Life Story Work is not just about the who, what, where, when, why and how, but how a painful past, if not reflected on and worked through, can go on to blight the present and future. Instead, if we can help children to think about their history of trauma and loss, to understand its origins and effects, we can identify and understand the ‘ghosts of the past’ so children are no longer haunted by them.

Course content:
This training is based on Richard Rose’s ‘Life Story Therapy with Traumatised Children – A Model for Practice’ (2012). Course participants will learn how to help children and young people to understand their behaviours, feelings and thoughts in light of their past. Participants will be empowered to enable children and teenagers to reflect on what has happened to them instead of moving into destructive repetitions of past pain and/or re-victimisation (e.g. bullying). The course will focus in particular on interventions such as family trees, wallpaper work, and eco- and geno-scaling. It covers the concepts of attachment, trauma, loss, relevant brain science, magical thinking, identity and meaning.

Benefits of attending this course:

  • Understand the value and components of comprehensive Therapeutic Life Story Work
  • Understand the various models of information collation
  • Know how to communicate with children and understand their emotions
  • Know how to interpret and make best use of opportunities in the process
  • Improve your skills in working directly with children in terms of life narratives
  • Address sensitive and painful issues and turn these into acceptance
  • Learn how to address trauma and loss with empathic understanding
  • Create life story books which are useful, valuable and represent the child

Admission criteria:
There are 2 criteria for enrolment in the Therapeutic Life Story Work Course.

  1. It is expected that students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in counselling / therapeutic skills.  If it becomes apparent that a student does not have the necessary skills, the Course Director will recommend the undertaking of a short counselling skills course.
  2. Students will need some (direct or indirect) experience of the Child Protection System.